• Computer Installation, Maintenance, and Upgrade
  • Internet Setup and Security 
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • File and Printer Sharing

Computer Installation, Maintenance, and Upgrade
We will install your computer and help you configure all it to work with all of your existing or new printers and other equipment.  We will connect it to your home network and make sure you have access to the internet and any other computers or devices on your network.  We will make sure your computers are up to date with the latest updates.  We will setup a backup system to keep all of you files safe.

Internet Setup and Security
We can assist in choosing the best internet solution of your needs.  Let us setup the required security to protect your network and data from all of the bad things that are out there.  We will setup and secure your home WiFi access.

Virus and Malware removal
We can clean and protect your computer from damaging viruses and malware.  We will backup your data and make sure your computer is no longer infected by viruses, Trojans and malware.  Once we are sure your computer is clean we will make sure your computer is protected from getting infected again or re-infected from exiting files.

File and Printer Sharing
We will setup and/or manage your network to share files and printers for easy access throughout your home.


Residential Computer Services

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